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Advantages of this new Approach:

1. You will have someone assist you as much as you need throughout the whole process.  We are always available for consultation throughout the actual renovation process if needed either by phone or on site as required.


2. We are on your side, trying to design the best possible kitchen we can for you (and your budget)


3. You save time by only consulting one person. You don't have to keep explaining what it is you want, meeting several people two or three times and then trying to decipher different designs.


4. You have detailed plans you can study for as long as you like before choosing a manufacturer.


5. We provide 1-2 design options for you to consider and then refine one as the ideal solution.


6. We come to you with fresh eyes and years of experience.  This is what we do for a living, every day.  We will make your kitchen functional and aesthetically pleasing. 


7. We are happy to help with any kitchen or bathroom project whether it is a complete new space or working with what you already have, modifying it to optimize storage with a minimal budget.


8. You save money because all the cabinet companies are quoting on exactly the same design. Every time they make a revision, your price increases. 


9. We can advise on colours, materials & finishes, layout, appliances & fittings, prices and time frame without bias towards a preferred supplier or manufacturer.


10. We can give you an honest, independent comparison on all the options you are considering.


11. We do have some cabinetmakers and builders we can introduce you to but we are just as happy to work with the person you choose. They may even become one of those on our list for introduction to other clients.


12. We are not trying to sell you something. We are not worrying about our commission for selling the kitchen. 

Contact: 519.774.5701
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