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When working with Independent Kitchen Designers, you enjoy the following benefits:


...experts in their field for designs of kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, home offices, closets,  fireplace and bar built ins.

...excitement working with designers who love creating functional spaces you will be proud to show off to family and friends.

...peace of mind knowing the design reflects the needs of the whole house.

...confidence that the kitchen will reflect your taste, not the designers.

...knowledgeable guidance to help you through the maze of options available.


...20+ years of  design experience, Specialized in Kitchens and new home construction



Because we were never happy being constrained by the limitations of kitchen/bathroom companies

You deserve designers that take the time to sit and listen to what it is you really need and want. The design will be done without worrying about whether it fits a particular manufacturer's sizes. Design first then find the manufacturer to suit.


It's a different approach to the accepted practice of getting three (or more) kitchen companies to quote on a new kitchen.  Kitchen companies will come up with a different design so you have no way of comparing one with the other properly. You may like one person's design but not their price. You may like another's price but not their quality. You may like one person but you're not sure what it is you're actually getting in the kitchen they have designed. They won't leave you with plans to study. Not unless you give a deposit or sign a contract to purchase a kitchen from them. And all this takes time! By ironing out all the problems and then getting quotes on the one design solution, you are saving that valuable time.


Working with numerous local Builders You deserve designers with extensive experience and a unique understand of builders. Your designer will be your advocate the whole way through the building process. Your designer is there to answer questions and give advice on cost effective solutions during the home build.


Working in various roles with Kitchen Companies and Contractors  You gain the comfort of a Designer who has worked with the sub trades and knows what they need to do their job well.  You deserve a designer who brings a very unique outlook to any design project. 


Be connected to Trends in Kitchen Design.   you will have the advantage of up to date expertise on new and exciting trends for Kitchen, Bath and whole home remodels because of the various Interior Design and Contractor trade shows we attend.


Contact: 519.774.5701
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